Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helping my DIL with con costumes

Back of the shirt

Front of the shirt

Just goofing around

Hubby had me speed sew a mp3 case and after I was done I goofed off with a cell phone cover.

I used a ziplock bag for the screen, because it was sitting on the sewing table. :)

Hot Pads from Martha Stewart

I saw this craft on Martha Stewart's craft of the day email and had to try it.
This is one leg of a old pair of bluejeans I had laying around

I used one layer of Inslu-fright batting then quilted it down

This was my second try with Black Jeans. I was watching Dr. Who so I didn't do my satin stitching as slow as I should have.

I used the decorative seam for the little pockets, I cut away the extra material at top and bottom.

I'm very happy with how this turned out

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Xmas books

Added the legs to Isaac's playdoe table then opened it up and I'm using it for my sewing freeing up the kitchen table

Added polar fleece to the back then sewed certain shapes. I then slit the backs and stuffed with cotton balls.

I'm so happy with how the stuffed areas pop out.

I think the quilt is very cute. I used a bit of scrap blanket to stuff the church and quilt.

Used blanket cut in the shape of a star for the star.
I got a number of these book panels for just over a dollar.

I used scrap blanket for this one. A stiff ugly cheap blanket I've been using for the backing when I make paper.

I didn't add the 3d to this one.