Monday, May 30, 2011

Lina Inverse

Ok so I've been trying to figure out why I'm eating up so much bandwith. UGH! Can't wait for GoZoe to get over here to my house. I have 188 days till my Sprint Air Card contract is up.

I've been doing little sewing, like putting the backs on my postcards, a couple of shorts for my Grandson.

Then I took pictures of all my stuff I've not given away. I'll be posting it here soon. It's all for sale. What I don't sell here I will post on Etsy and try to sell to strangers. :)

I've been editing Afraid of Love 1 and 2 and enjoying it. I really do write for myself. I read a new author and really enjoyed the new look at vampires and immortals.
So today I thought I'd catch up on my sewing for DIL This is the base costume for Lina Inverse

It doesn't look exactly right on Mary-Elizabeth, DIL will fill it out better. :)

This is what we are hoping to end up with.
I have a vest to do tomorrow then I'll be caught up for DIL till she can get over and tell me what else I need to get done.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Contest and shorts

Well I didn't win the Sci-Fi/Fantasy contest with my shapeshifter book but it was a paranormal romance I guess. I'm glad they finally announced, they got a surprise when 700 submissions showed up in there email box. I'm still hoping that someone read what I wrote and it will be a start.

Finished 2 more shorts for Grandson, he just loves to wear the clothes I've made. LOL I was discussing with my husband how old he'll be when he starts asking for real jeans. :) I think I forgot to take pictures of the new shorts they are a dog print.

I did a different Thomas the tank engine shorts too.

He likes pockets a lot so I always try to add them. I think I need to slip a inside pocket onto the pattern but I've been using such busy material that the pocket breaks up the material.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cards I sent out for the Postcard swap

I'm embarrased to say I didn't take a picture before I sent out my postcards, LOL. So I'm guessing on the cards that I sent. I believe the swapper at TenTwoStudios is going to post pictures. When she does I'll fix it if I find out I was wrong. (The joys of my memory!) I was over my data minutes on my aircard and didn't post, so didn't bother to take a group shot.  

This isn't backed yet.

I really like crazy patch.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Got my Postcards from the Lisa Vollrath swap.

Each Postcard is so different, The cats have bead eyes and a light netting over it. It was HAND sewn LOL mine were not. The second has such a nice edge and the weight is just perfect. The third glitters!!! and is so whimsical.

One card says 44Cents postage but my postal lady has taken mine for postcard rate again and again and they are a bit thicker. I use PellTex as the base.
All the backs are so professional. And that little tag!!! I just love it.
Thank you each!

I am sooooo excited. They are wonderful cards!!! Thank you so much ladies.

Dianne who made the kittys had this to say about her card:
About the kitty cat postcard . . . I wasn't sure if I liked the netting covering it.  At first I was thinking it looked as though they were looking through a screen.  But then I thought the netting took away from the quilting.  The quilting is done with silk buttonhole twist.

My Grandson choose the kitty card as his favorite. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Martha Pullen's PBS show

I was watching Martha Pullen's PBS show and saw Linda McGehee make this awsome little bag. 

Quick Zip Bags (#3409) Duration: 29:00 CC DVI TVG

Constructing a small zippered clutch; Sew Quick, Sew Easy messenger bag; And Sew On segment on converting a shorts pattern to make skorts; Hand embroidered shell stitch. Guests:, Linda McGehee, Kari Mecca, Wendy Schoen.

I knew the moment I saw it I had to try it.
I didn't have any zippers and really didn't want to buy them so I just made it without.
It's a long bag for when you don't want to carry the big purse.

It has three pockets.

Made the second bag a little bigger
Pockets are a bit wider. Sis suggested a change purse that matched.

Wish my embroidery machine was working for the front of this one.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ABC Fabric Book and a Couch blanket

Found a different type of fabric book panel at the store and picked it up. It was cut poorly or returned so I thought the sale price was reasonable for a trial.

My 2 year old Grandson inspires most of my sewing right now.

I was concerned about the thickness of the book when I realized it was even smaller than what I've been used to, so I recycled an old shirt a little thicker than t shirt material.

It took me a little to figure out the set up. I'd just assumed it would be like the Xmas books I've been sewing.

Free handed the words on my machine. A first!

Each letter was stitched to batting for ease of washing.

Realized how pretty the material was after I flipped it over.

Added a tie using a piece of my bias tape I made during a marathon bias tape making day of watching Dr. Who.

I only stuffed ABC on cover to prevent the book from being too thick.

I also outlined any letters outlined in white. :) Randomness
Finished book. I'm not sure why the makers of the panel didn't make the cover bigger but the book is a pleasant size and texture with the batting I picked.

Hubby and I realized that we have more Grandchildren in Isaac's brothers and I just can't help but create for those I love. :)

This is a summer couch throw so I used a sheet like fleece to be the batting. I outlined the squares then added the corduroy and outlined the figures as the quilting. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts here. I'm trying to find out where my puny air card data is going. Almost went over again.

I've been busy sewing on shorts for Grandson and doing a few quilt blocks to make mug rugs.
I'll be posting later.

Finished my 23rd novel, the working title is Hostage, it's a continuation of a duet; Afraid of Love 1 and 2 and New Life. In AOL 1 I made up a group called the brotherhood then in New Life I invented another brotherhood. Hostage brings all the books together and finishes out the stories.

I'm trying to get some letters out to literary agents but that part of the work is challenging. :)

Hostage is my shortest book ever 60,000 words. I wouldn't be surprised if it grows on editing. I was talking to my sister about the last 6000 words and had to admit I couldn't remember most. I was writing so hot and heavy it just poured out.

I'm still waiting on the Supernatural contest I sent "The Pack" into. It's my romantic werewolf, vampire, and fairy book.

I'm editing at the moment but I've been feeling a story building. I thought I'd work on my the shape shifter book I have about 40,000 words on but I'm just not seeing it. Things change fast in my brain and a bit of music or a picture might change my mind.

If you haven't read any of my work yet go visit my web page and read a few pages of Michael Zane.

                Just click the picture above to go right to the story.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pants weekend

I made 3 pair of pants this weekend. Isaac was wearing the third pair at the time of this photo.

I have one pair of shorts almost done and one cut out.

Isaac loves pockets so I put a big one all.

Two of the pants are Thomas the Tank engine.

I put a label on the back of them all so he'd be able to find the back.


Curious George
I can't believe how much I got done. They are all a bit long but he's due a growth spurt so we're rolling up the pants. I made the shorts long so when he falls his knees will have some protection.
Isaac runs all the time but looks to the right or left as he goes forward, that makes for a lot of spills.

Finished up the two shorts Sunday evening

You can barely see the pocket.