Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts here. I'm trying to find out where my puny air card data is going. Almost went over again.

I've been busy sewing on shorts for Grandson and doing a few quilt blocks to make mug rugs.
I'll be posting later.

Finished my 23rd novel, the working title is Hostage, it's a continuation of a duet; Afraid of Love 1 and 2 and New Life. In AOL 1 I made up a group called the brotherhood then in New Life I invented another brotherhood. Hostage brings all the books together and finishes out the stories.

I'm trying to get some letters out to literary agents but that part of the work is challenging. :)

Hostage is my shortest book ever 60,000 words. I wouldn't be surprised if it grows on editing. I was talking to my sister about the last 6000 words and had to admit I couldn't remember most. I was writing so hot and heavy it just poured out.

I'm still waiting on the Supernatural contest I sent "The Pack" into. It's my romantic werewolf, vampire, and fairy book.

I'm editing at the moment but I've been feeling a story building. I thought I'd work on my the shape shifter book I have about 40,000 words on but I'm just not seeing it. Things change fast in my brain and a bit of music or a picture might change my mind.

If you haven't read any of my work yet go visit my web page and read a few pages of Michael Zane.

                Just click the picture above to go right to the story.

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