Monday, May 23, 2011

Contest and shorts

Well I didn't win the Sci-Fi/Fantasy contest with my shapeshifter book but it was a paranormal romance I guess. I'm glad they finally announced, they got a surprise when 700 submissions showed up in there email box. I'm still hoping that someone read what I wrote and it will be a start.

Finished 2 more shorts for Grandson, he just loves to wear the clothes I've made. LOL I was discussing with my husband how old he'll be when he starts asking for real jeans. :) I think I forgot to take pictures of the new shorts they are a dog print.

I did a different Thomas the tank engine shorts too.

He likes pockets a lot so I always try to add them. I think I need to slip a inside pocket onto the pattern but I've been using such busy material that the pocket breaks up the material.


happyinnb said...

You are sooo talented!! The shorts are just tooo cute!! Is there a place to go read your shapeshifter book???

Laura Emmons said...

Thanks, I'm trying to sell the books so they are not posted but I do have a few pages of Michael Zane on my web page.