Monday, May 30, 2011

Lina Inverse

Ok so I've been trying to figure out why I'm eating up so much bandwith. UGH! Can't wait for GoZoe to get over here to my house. I have 188 days till my Sprint Air Card contract is up.

I've been doing little sewing, like putting the backs on my postcards, a couple of shorts for my Grandson.

Then I took pictures of all my stuff I've not given away. I'll be posting it here soon. It's all for sale. What I don't sell here I will post on Etsy and try to sell to strangers. :)

I've been editing Afraid of Love 1 and 2 and enjoying it. I really do write for myself. I read a new author and really enjoyed the new look at vampires and immortals.
So today I thought I'd catch up on my sewing for DIL This is the base costume for Lina Inverse

It doesn't look exactly right on Mary-Elizabeth, DIL will fill it out better. :)

This is what we are hoping to end up with.
I have a vest to do tomorrow then I'll be caught up for DIL till she can get over and tell me what else I need to get done.

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