Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I cleaned my White Board off today.
My White Board is a tool I use to make notes I want to mull over in my mind. For Hostage it was full of quotes about "The Moore" a woman of great psychic powers. I needed to remember names from Afraid of Love 1 and 2 and also from New Life. One family had over 10 kids and remembering their names was just not happening so I threw them up on the board too.
This is what a slice of the board looked like when I was working on AOL 2 near the end.
Today I'm posting words to use instead of Move and Look. LOL AOL 1&2 were top heavy with those dull words. I'll keep them to the right over my keyboard so I can just glance up when I have 4 looks in one paragraph.

Hopefully soon it will be full of a new book. I have a large pad of paper (3'x4') that I've had hanging beside my bed for months now with notes about another Shape shifter book I've got about 30,000 words done on. I'm waiting on the spark to get back to it. I've got about 40 books that are what I think of as starts. They range in size from 25 words to half a book.

I read them often and if I have more words I add them, but often I'm just aggravated I can't read more when I get to the last word I've written. :) I know someday most will be books.
My I have written a book board. I need to add Hostage to this board. :)

I found I was forgetting just how much I've written so I made up a white board and put post it cards on it with the name of the book, the words written, if it was a series and the main characters. I'd eventually like it to include a pitch for each book.

Having the books so clear on my wall helped me feel like I'd accomplished something even if I've not sold anything yet.

I guess this is just a day to take stock and realize I need to get some of the real work done. I need a Proposal for each of those books and a synopsis. Writing the story is the fun part the rest of this is work I need to learn how to love.

If you made it this far thanks for listening.


Petula said...

Using a white board for that is an excellent idea. Thanks! And boy are you right about the proposal and synopsis part! Ugh, hard work! But I'm sure you'll get it done just fine. Good luck.

Laura Emmons said...

Thanks Petula
I don't know what I did before I put up all these white boards. :) I used the comment feature in Word but the notes are not in your face all the time. It's funny when people ask me about the strange notes I leave myself on the boards. How do you explain your snipits of imagination. :)