Thursday, June 16, 2011


I fell in love with this material months ago and knew it would be a kimono. I made it short for summer and think it's beautiful, but it's so hot I can't wear it at all. Just tossing it over my shoulder makes me pant. I think I'm going to try again with a thin cotton lining and no sleeves. So once this one is hemmed it's going to go in my sell pile.

I wonder why this mannequin doesn't have a name?

I really love this material and the way it lays. I think I'll have Deb model it, it looks much better on her. She says it's not hot at all. :)

If I kept this I'd put a draw string in the sleeve to pull it up so I could do things around the kitchen.

This is so my style. :)

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Laura said...

This ended up at moms! :)