Monday, June 13, 2011

May and June business

At the beginning of May I went out and snaps some pictures of my little garden. I wasn't too impressed with any of the plants growing upside down. The tomatoes on top were taking off and the couple of bean seeds I pushed in the soil.

I did consider it is Texas and it is hot so I've been watering almost daily.
Put some crook neck yellow squash in a bit late.

The peach tree Tim the bull tried to break and just leaned over is way too loaded.

Husband and I went back out and all the low pears were eaten by deer so the tree might survive the overload. We are pulling off any damaged pears as soon as we find them but it's hard to pull of the beautiful ones. :)

My husbands been busy splitting a couple of loads of wood we bought. We were down to nothing and we like to be prepared. Our house runs on only wood for heating.

My favorite wild flower is blossoming. Every time I try to move one of these it dies so I've just put a little fence around this one.
 Now it's mid June and we did a little shifting of my container garden. I've been pulling stink bugs off the squash and tossing them in rubbing alcohol. Poison just hasn't worked in the past even seven dust.

Happy Squash, the newest strawberry got eaten by a bird :( guess I need to cover this with some netting.

We pulled all the gardens up into the shade with the first one that seemed to be happiest. It's really helped but still the bottom plants are just not doing as well as the top.

The bell peppers are finally starting to grow now that they are in the shade.

My first squash of the season. It doesn't have many more days before I pluck it and do some sauteing.

First tomato in the new style garden.

The only tomatoes on a bottom plant.
I must admit I'm really enjoying the no kneeling gardening. I'm trying to decide if I want to get a second hand banquet table (one of the long ones) and turn it into a raised garden for next year. I could add more tomatoes and bell peppers. I'm sure I'll do the squash again in buckets. Now I just have to get hubby to put together a drip system for us. We have the pipe but not the gumption up to this point.


happyinnb said...

We place a moth ball in each squash hill, this helps deter the squash bugs and such.

Laura said...

Thank you I'll try the moth balls.