Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ABC Fabric Book and a Couch blanket

Found a different type of fabric book panel at the store and picked it up. It was cut poorly or returned so I thought the sale price was reasonable for a trial.

My 2 year old Grandson inspires most of my sewing right now.

I was concerned about the thickness of the book when I realized it was even smaller than what I've been used to, so I recycled an old shirt a little thicker than t shirt material.

It took me a little to figure out the set up. I'd just assumed it would be like the Xmas books I've been sewing.

Free handed the words on my machine. A first!

Each letter was stitched to batting for ease of washing.

Realized how pretty the material was after I flipped it over.

Added a tie using a piece of my bias tape I made during a marathon bias tape making day of watching Dr. Who.

I only stuffed ABC on cover to prevent the book from being too thick.

I also outlined any letters outlined in white. :) Randomness
Finished book. I'm not sure why the makers of the panel didn't make the cover bigger but the book is a pleasant size and texture with the batting I picked.

Hubby and I realized that we have more Grandchildren in Isaac's brothers and I just can't help but create for those I love. :)

This is a summer couch throw so I used a sheet like fleece to be the batting. I outlined the squares then added the corduroy and outlined the figures as the quilting. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

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