Friday, November 4, 2011

Creating as if chased...

These are purses for badges and buttons at Yule Con
I like having at least one pocket in each purse.

Another Badge and button purse with a slit to put the badge through.

Lots of pockets in this one.

This just popped into my brain and I had to make it. The red eyes are a leather scrap from the Ren Fair (and paid way to much for.)

Again lots of pockets, but it is a bigger purse.

I really like long straps.

I'm reading a blue eyed vampire book so I just had to make this change purse. These are window eyes.

Nice zipper work. I'm getting better.

I've made three of these I think. Just quick small bags for Yule Con

Really like this lining.

I hope these go over well because I really enjoy making them.
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