Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Windows for my Purse (Tutorial)

The other day I was sewing while watching Numbers Season 1 and had to stop the show to remember how to make a window. I thought I'd show you how to make one.
Pick a decorative print and the lining. I'm using white for my lining and scrap uniform pants for the outside.
The lining is easier to handle if it's a bit big.

This is a double window with heavy vinyl sandwiched between.
This is my original learning sample and I couldn't stand to throw it away so I made a purse for it. :)

 I lay out the material right sides together. Then draw the shape I want. I used disappearing ink on this one.

Sew around the window, try to make your corners sharp.

Cut out the shape, if it's curved do it slowly and with a bit more care, the more cuts on the curve the nicer it will lay.

Poke the lining through to the back.

Keep working it out.

Pull as you iron flattening the lining.

Press the front making sure the lining shows how ever much you want. You can have a thicker lining show just by pressing it that way. You can also pull the lining back so you barely see it. It the lining matches the decorative fabric you barely see the lining.

Here's the purse. I made the shapes first then laid them out on the inside of the purse. Then I made slightly bigger windows and sandwiched vinyl between the two. I used a new blue jean needle. I also slapped a piece of tissue paper on the back so the vinyl wouldn't stick. I used on sheet of Vinyl so I didn't have to juggle the little pieces.

You can see the vinyl on the back here. I used clear packing tape folded over to a 3 thickness and made backings so the pictures would slide in and stay positioned. Then I sewed it again.

I slid in pictures so you could see. I'll be placing my grandson's pictures in these spots, or maybe Johnny Depp, David Bowie or maybe even Crispin Glover. :)

Closeup of the triangle

I needed to clean up the inside and used up the end of my brown duct tape roll.

Picked a very pretty purple lining.

Inside view before I sewed it.
I used the button extender pins that you see on TV for the purse. I found them going for .50 cents a box at an office supply store and grabbed them up.  They are like big post earrings.
I sewed Velcro on the insides of the side with the pictures. and just folded over and attached lining to the purse after putting in the handle. So I can open the purse and change the pictures.
I know it has a long handle, I made this purse for me.

Very happy with my new purse.
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