Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Wedding, A Flamingo and a Teddy Bear

Hopefully I’m back. It’s been a strange month or two. My DD got married; outside in the middle of Fort Worth TX on one of those over 100 days we had in August. I’ve been recovering from this very sudden Elopement (with people following).

I’ve been fighting some stress related stuff in my head and stopped creating for a bit. Then…I started editing my work again and found my muse. I’m not writing new stuff yet but I’ve started to sew again.

I purchased a clutch pattern a few months ago and pulled it out. This is no clutch it’s a full blown purse, because of the size I modified it a bit to have straps. Only a linebacker could hold this thing in a hand.

I riffled through my embroidery (in the machine) patterns and found a cute flamingo and popped that baby right on the front of the purse. Then I added some hand sewing ( I know shock!!!) silk ribbon embroidery and some seed beads to pop it up a bit.

While I was searching for a silk ribbon needle I found a cute little teddy bear I'd done a long time ago. The moment I saw it I knew I had to make a purse for it. I had to make my husband pause Numbers so I could figure out how to do the window in the side of the purse. I found a teddy bear material for a lining. I forgot to put in pockets so I think I might make a change purse to match. 

The strap is denim and says Teddy Bear along the length. I'll be setting the strap in the purse tomorrow.

I also found a pile of Silk Ribbon Embroidery I made. I'm going to make purses for these too.

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