Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vampire Baby Dolls, Yes I know but I can't help myself, please don't judge me harshly. :)

I spent the last two days working in my 5D Embroidery program. I used Fonts to make Embroideries, yes Fonts...Letters. It's just so COOL!
5 D Embroidery lets me print out the pattern on paper. I marked what order they would print since I made these up myself and don't know how to assign order yet. (Note to self...Ask nice lady at Sewing Machine shop)

This is the the bright eyes face.

Here is the I'm going to get you one.
I'll be posting as I create here. I want to document the process. So if I mess up you'll get to see. :) Posting here doesn't seem to work so feel free to comment on my FB page. Only want and need positive feed back. :)

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