Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little bags

I doodled with my new machine (Captain Jack) and then pulled out the Janome (Old machine) and doodled on it too. It's so strange to have two working embroidery machines. I'm sorting and trying to arrange it so I can use both regularly. I know it sounds like a luxury but they both are different. Captain Jack is a very quiet sewing machine while the Janome I'm already experienced at. LOL you should have seen me try to remember the threading :)

These bags are so simple. I tried out a embroidery on Captain Jack and decided it would make a perfect flap so I added the JOY, the placement tools on the Ellure Plus are SO AMAZING compared with what I've been working with. It seems like a miracle when I know for sure where the embroidery is going to land.

I added the words not in the embroidery looped section but I just sewed them, LOL SO COOL! I'd add 3 .'s next time instead of one.  

I just slipped the top inside did a bit of folding and sewed it down. I don't think I'd ever use the belt loop but the original had one.

Little purse laid out.

Since I did green leaf variegated thread on the front I used this print.

I made sure my phone would fit.

This embroidery was my test on the Janome I added green leaves on Captain Jack. There are so many cool stitches in just the sewing area of Ellure plus.

I sewed and flipped the second purse so I had to add the top on the outside.

I added grommets and a chain link to hold a strap.

I'm very happy with how they both turned out. I think the inside of the second purse would be a perfect place for a Captain Jack pin. :)

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