Monday, April 11, 2011

Reading then maybe writing

I’ve been reading Lynn Viehl’s Darkyn series. UGH! I thought it was only 7 books. I get to the end of 7 and NOOOO!

I just don’t read series’ often that are not done. It drives me nuts to not be able to finish the story. I live with the fact I’ll never finish Laurel K. Hamiltons two series because she’ll never stop writing them. (Thank heavens) I don’t know what I’ll do if she starts a new series. Yes I do, I’ll buy it.

I have to start collecting the Kyndred books because the series was so enjoyable.

I must admit I like sexy dark romance. I enjoy bad guys who just won’t take no for an answer.

The only problem with enjoying such wonderful authors is I don’t write while I’m reading them.

I’m rereading Sarah the book that inspired all my Psycho Dad books. I’ve realized recently that it’s a comfort book for me. When I feel sad or scared I pull out Sarah and watch how she was strong in an awful situation.

I let my characters become real in my mind, LOL no I don’t actually let them, they just do it. I just go with the flow trying to be true to what they want.

I want to finish this Hostage book and then move back to the shapeshifter book I started awhile back.

I’ve realized that I’ve let months go by and not submitted any books to agents. I did get one book off to a Del Ray contest but that’s not good enough. It’s time to buckle down and get some proposals mailed out.

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