Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two new purses

This is the inspiration for my two other purses. This was made out of a girls jean skirt all ready decorated with the patchwork.
I was asked to make two purses just like the one I'd made.

My friend Suzie gave me boxes and boxes of great material and I pulled out this denim and the corduroy from those boxes. This is a pocket divided down the middle.

I did a blanket stitch around all the patches.

I added a few more pockets.

I always need more pockets.

I really enjoyed picking out the colors and sizes of the squares.

I put in one large pocket inside and divided it.

More pockets on the second purse.

I made the straps long but they could be knotted for smaller people.

I had a lot of fun doing these. I just cut them out free hand.

Hope you enjoy the purses Suzie!

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