Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Colman mine

We did a lot of rock gazing when we visited Hot Springs AR. We visited the Ron Colman mine

I love this black crystal I plan on some jewlery out of this

I never looked at Slag like I did today. I saw parts for jewelery and cos-play costumes.

I'm hoping to add some pictures to my web sites wallpapers.

A million marbles.

Sorting through beautiful stones.

This piece of Amethest is over 1000$

I want to think of something to use these in. They really caught my eye.

Glass slag

What we picked up at one of our stops.

Brought home some Amethest for Deb and Justin to make jewelery out of.

I want to mount these on staff's for selling at one of Deb's Anime Con visits.

I'd like to wrap these in metal sorta like stainglass.

This piece is so much prettier in person. I want Hubby to mount it on a shelf and light it from behind. Spots in it glow with light behind them. We will probably use a mirror behind because both sides are so nice.

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tightsandtea said...

those are gorgeous, especially the black crystal! I'm sure whatever you make from it will look stunning :)