Thursday, December 15, 2011


At the end of last year we ran out of fire starter and no one had them in the stores so I remembered the fire starter I saw on Martha's site and improved on them.

First I gather all my stuff. I used Raffia to tie the bundles I bought it at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% coupon so I don't feel bad about burning it up.

I save my dryer lint to add a little bit more burnablity LOL I don't think that's a real word.

Hubby used a little axe and some donated wood (Thanks Browns)

I find rolling it up this way I don't have the problem of the paper splitting at the mid fold. If you look close I put a bit of dryer lint on the newspaper.

I just start working it up in a loose fan motion I don't roll it.

It's just a back and forth sort of motion.

Then I twist and twist when it's tight fold it into a U keep the ends close.

Now twist the two sides together it will hold after all the twisting.

I build on Martha's inspiration and lay the newspaper link bundle on a piece of raffia, I add 3 sticks of wood and tie a knot.

I wrap it well, sometimes even one or two individual wraps around each stick. I toss them in the basket and I'm done.

I don't watch the starting as well as hubby so I stuck two in the fireplace put in two logs started it and walked away.

I had a nice warm fire before long with no trouble.

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