Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally found Font !

I've been making the fabric postcards for a bit now and I've been trying to find a font to use for the address side. Most mini or tiny fonts were too big. I sat down at my Win 98 computer that has my embroidery software on it and started going through the 1000 of embroidery files I have. I'm happy to say in some of the free software I got when I bought the magic box converter I found a mini block font and it's perfect.

It fits!

Close up of my embroidery foot and the start of my name

In case you noticed, yes I'm using scrap to hold the back of the postcard in place. I'm sooooo cheap. I just can't stand to waste any thing. The interfacing I've been using is actually an old queen size sheet I've sliced up. :)

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Sandy Ang said...

I'm something of a font addict too. When I make cards, I can spend an hour finding the perfect script. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog